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TBM Disaster Relief to deploy multiple teams after Hurricane Hanna

TBM is deploying multiple volunteer teams to Weslaco in the wake of Hurricane Hanna, including mud out teams to clean flooded homes, a... read more

TBM Disaster Relief ready to respond during hurricane season

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, TBM Disaster Relief is ready to respond to needs in the wake of what has been forecast to be an... read more

God transforms lives through Royal Ambassador camps

God is transforming the lives of boys across Texas through Royal Ambassador summer camps. ... read more

Royal Ambassador and Challenger regional camps ready for ministry this summer

In recent weeks, Gov. Greg Abbott has cleared summer camps to take place across the state, and Royal Ambassador and Challenger regional... read more

As epicenter of COVID crisis shifts to developing world, TBM provides crucial food through ministry partners

As the epicenter of the COVID crisis has shifted to developing nations, TBM is meeting extreme hunger needs through international ministry... read more

TBM Disaster Relief chainsaw teams respond to Bexar County tornado

Hours after a tornado ripped through western Bexar County with winds up to 100 mph, TBM assessors were on the scene looking for ways... read more

Chainsaw, feeding, shower units respond to Bowie tornado

Two days after a tornado stormed through Bowie, the city is quiet on a Sunday afternoon. Residents here are working diligently to remove... read more

TBM provides 100,000 meals to COVID-19 unemployed

When we felt called to provide 50,000 meals in two weeks to church food pantries struggling to keep up with the need for food in the midst... read more

TBM to provide 50,000 meals to unemployed Texans during COVID-19 disaster

TBM launched TBM Feeding Texans on April 29, an effort to provide 50,000 meals in the next two weeks to unemployed Texans during the... read more

‘Who is prepared for all the trees in your yard to suddenly be on top of your home?’

Forty-six homes are completely destroyed. Two hundred ninety-one more are damaged. A community is shaken but determined to press on. ... read more

TBM deploys chainsaw teams after large tornado rips through Deep East Texas

TBM has activated two chainsaw teams as well as an assessor to begin serving hours after a tornado that ripped through Deep East Texas... read more

TBM helps ministries meet increased demand for food during COVID-19 shutdown

TBM is helping ministries and churches that have experienced a significant in demand for food as a result of the COVID-19 crisis and... read more
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