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TBM steps up to meet inflation-fueled crisis for Texas moms

Parents often have to stretch every dollar as far as they can to provide for their young children. With high inflation, many families are... read more

Oklahoma tornado relief: TBM teams help neighbors to the north

In the weeks after tornadoes hit Shawnee, Okla., and the surrounding area, the city has increasingly taken on a Texan drawl. ... read more

‘She is my soulmate’: couple of 48 years elated to spend retirement together helping others

When the chance to retire finally came in 2018, Steve and Darlene Wilson knew exactly what they wanted to do: buy a camper and use their... read more

TBM responding to latest Oklahoma tornado

The woman pictured above is thankful for her storm shelter that kept her safe while the rest her house suffered significant damage. ... read more

10 years after West explosion, TBM goes back to reconnect

TBM volunteers Jim and Monica McDougal (above at right) were on hand for the anniversary and shared time with friends from the church, Bill... read more

TBM provides bicycles for pastors in South Sudan

Pastor Jacob Ngor Amaal of Nyamlel (left) and Pastor Deng Kong of Jaach in South Sudan receive bicycles provided by TBM. ... read more

Turkey relief: ‘We’re building these homes for Jesus and His children'

A heart breaks as naturally as it loves. And traversing Antakya, Turkey, it crumbles like the buildings along the roads. ... read more

God moves in Henderson

TBM's Mikey Osborne witnessed a movement of God among teenagers at First Baptist Church of Henderson Saturday, April 15. Osborne is... read more

Doing it for the grandkids – meet Camp Builders volunteers Ricky and Linda Hitt

Last November, as Ricky Hitt volunteered at a Camp Builders project in Floydada, an emotional thought crossed his mind: “This is the camp... read more

TBM Game On trailer gives Lufkin a boost

Thank you, Timber Creek Church in Lufkin, for an incredible time together discipling students. God is already doing amazing things through... read more

Elery enjoys working at home & as volunteer

Peggy Elery is a mom. She’s also a grandmother. She’s also a TBM volunteer. ... read more

Fort Worth mother helps other families through TBM mission trip

During spring break in 2022, grandmother Johnna Donald took her first mission trip – a TBM effort to rebuild a home in Rio Grande City.... read more
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