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'Love beats hate every time,' says TBM volunteer who served after El Paso shooting

EL PASO – Even by Glenn Pennington’s standards, Saturday was going to be busier than usual. He just came home from leading a weekly... read more

TBM responds to El Paso shooting

TBM volunteers were asked to serve first responders and and families affected by the Aug. 3 mass shooting at an El Paso shopping center. ... read more

TBM Disaster Relief impacts DFW families

South Dallas resident Pauline Irving retells her experience as severe storms throughout North Texas blew through her own neighborhood. When... read more

TBM Disaster Relief in Dallas-Fort Worth

Sunday, June 9 began TBM’s Disaster Relief efforts in the Dallas area after strong storms caused thousands of trees to fall on homes,... read more

Disaster relief responds to 6,000 flooded homes in Weslaco

On Sunday, June 24, TBM sent a truckload of supplies and numerous volunteers to aid families in Weslaco, Tex., as they begin recovery from... read more

Disaster relief teams meet needs in San Angelo and Abilene

TBM has disaster relief volunteers all around the state. At times, they get to serve people in their own community. ... read more

TBM Builders open new doors at Breckenridge Village in Tyler

Tammy looked around at the new residential homes on the campus of Breckenridge Village of Tyler (BVT) and was reminded again that dreams do... read more

TBM feeds children following Alto tornado

Through our disaster relief work in Alto, Texas, after three tornadoes damaged numerous homes and buildings leaving some homeless, we... read more

TBM provides clean water after Mozambique cyclone

The deadly Cyclone Idai that struck Mozambique in March was the worst it has experienced, possibly ever, killing hundreds and displacing... read more

Water is great -- until there is too much

Residents in Tennessee, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Michigan, and others are all beginning their slow process of recovering from... read more

Carter named director of TBM Disaster Relief

Dwain Carter has been named the State Disaster Relief Director for TBM as we begin 2019. ... read more

Disaster relief teams respond to Texas floods

TBM volunteers have been deployed to help those impacted by the recent and continued flooding in the Mable Falls, Kingsland, and Llano... read more
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