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Campcraft Manual Cover
Campcraft: Outdoor Living Skills

Covering the 12 areas of campcraft training, this manual covers the essentials to camping outdoor comfortably. Throughout you will find scriptures and applications to the area of study, pointing the outdoors back to God.

Available in spiral-bound with higher quality paper; or preprinted & punched for your 3 ring binder.

Outdoor Cooking Cover
Outdoor Cooking

With input from across the state, we have compiled a collection of recipes and stories that we hope will improve and increase the cooking skills of all. Learn from those who have been down the road in this great resource!

This copy is spiral bound on a higher quality paper

Outdoor Cooking Cover
RAs Getting Started Guide

All the essential information about an RA Chapter can be found right in this document! Find ideas about advancement, leadership structure, and missions materials that are available!

This copy is spiral bound on a higher quality paper

Resource Notebook
TBM: RAs Resource Notebook

This Resource Notebook has something for every RA Group, new or old! Assembled by the collective wisdom of RA Leaders from across the state, you will find craft ideas, missions activities, tips on organizing your group, and

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