On Oct. 7, conflict has enveloped Israel. You can deliver help, hope and healing into the region.

Hamas has launched thousands of rockets into Israel and some militants have entered Israeli territory. Israelis in the south have been instructed to stay in their homes and Israeli military forces are responding to a number of targets in Gaza. 

Highly-trained TBM feeding teams are on the ground now providing thousands of meals a day to rocket-ravaged communities in Southern Israel. They have served more than 100,000 meals to:

  • People who have lost everything to rocket attacks
  • Neighborhoods where rockets have exploded
  • Hospitals
  • First Responders

Additionally, TBM has helped 50 doctors, nurses and medical professionals travel to Israel to treat those who are being impacted by the fighting.

How can you help?

  • Pray. We need a blanket of prayer for this situation. Pray for an end to this conflict and for the safety of everyone in the region. Pray for TBM volunteers who are preparing to serve in Israel.
  • Give. Deploying in a situation like this will be costly. Travel expenses alone are significant. Please consider donating to TBM to support meeting crucial needs at a time like this.

Thank you for covering our team in prayer and providing the support they need to share God's love in the midst of every situation in which He calls us to respond.