By volunteering their time and talents, TBM Builders empowers churches, camps and other ministries to accomplish their God-given visions of expanding the kingdom of God.


Together, TBM Builders bring glory and honor to God while assisting ministries that might not be able to afford these costs on their own.


Over the past 20 years, members have had their hands - and their tools - in the construction of more than 1,600 church and camp facilities, saving these ministries millions of dollars in construction costs.


Our teams offer:

Cabinet Builders

Camp Builders

Church Builders

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Latest news about Builders projects:

iHeart airs TBM interview through DFW radio stations

iHeart Media aired a 29-minute interview with TBM's Rand Jenkins for its recent Sunday Morning Magazine show, which aired on iHeart's six radio stations in Dallas-Fort Worth. iHeart sought the interview in the aftermath of the Maui wildfires and other recent disasters, but Jenkins also shared about the array of TBM ministries.

iHeart's Anna de Haro noted that TBM always seems to be on site when disasters happen. "How are you able to answer that call each and every time?"

"We have an incredible drive to be able to do what we do," said Jenkins, TBM senior director of advancement. "Thankfully, people in Texas are generous when their neighbors are in despair after a disaster. ... We can respond because we have thousands of volunteers around the state. ... We have the equipment and the training to be able to get them on site immediately."

Volunteers are trained to provide specific services, but Jenkins said the only special skill needed is a "heart to serve, and that’s all we do. It is about serving people and helping bring help, hope and healing. … There are certain things technology does wonderfully, but being with someone face-to-face after a disaster."

Click the audio below to listen to the full interview, which covers the broad spectrum of TBM ministries.