At least four tornadoes struck the Houston area and Southeast Texas. In a matter of minutes, families lost everything. Heartbroken, today they are picking up the pieces of their lives.

You can deliver help, hope and healing to hurting people through TBM in the wake of these storms. We have mobilized multiple waves of disaster relief units to Deer Park and Orange County.

These units include:

  • Chainsaw volunteers who cut and remove fallen limbs and trees from houses, literally clearing the path for recovery.
  • A Box Unit that distributes boxes and helps homeowners through the difficult process of sorting through the debris.
  • Assessors that help homeowners better understand the damage they've sustained and how to recover.
  • Chaplains to encourage and pray with people during some of the most difficult days of their lives.

How can you make a difference today?

As part of our TBM family, you know disaster relief is an expensive effort, and your faithful support makes these ministries possible. Please consider making a significant financial gift to help TBM volunteers transform lives in Southeast Texas.

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Since 1967, TBM volunteers have delivered help, hope and healing to millions after disasters of all kinds through mass feeding, chainsaw, flood recovery and chaplain teams.