When a home is hit by a hurricane, fire, flood or tornado, everything in the home is affected. Belongings that people have spent years purchasing or keeping are instantly ruined or scattered across a neighborhood. People are left with nothing, and nothing to use to collect their items and keepsakes.

By serving on a TBM Box Unit, you can provide practical help as well as encouragement by distributing free packing boxes to people affected by disasters. Boxes are critical tools to people in these situations, and give you an opportunity to encourage and often pray with people.

This class is an introduction and overview of the Box Unit ministry. The training provides an overview of the Box Unit ministry, deployment process and box distribution techniques. It includes discussion on the history and need for this ministry, how and where we procure boxes and the opportunities to witness to those we minister to. There is no cost for this training. Pre-registration online is required. You must have taken the orientation class before taking this training.