Join an elite group of young men who serve in mission opportunities and at summer camps. You could help mentor others by leading them into a life of mission service by being a TBM State Staffer.

Become a state staffer and join God in a great adventure.


TBM State Staffers are a select group of junior-high and high-school. Each State Staffer should have a strong background in Royal Ambassadors (RAs) or be willing to be trained in the mission program. As a State Staffer, you will set aside a certain period of time to do voluntary mission work and promotion like assisting in RA Summer Camps and TBM mission projects, as well as promoting mission action in various TBM ministries in Texas and around the world.


Responsibilities of State Staffers

  1. Assist in leading campers at assigned RA camp(s) in Texas.
  2. Be available to help lead youth and children camp(s) with churches assigned by TBM
  3. Aid churches and associations in weekend mission activities 
  4. Volunteer in RA and Challenger events, meetings, and mission projects
  5. Assist (as able) to help with TBM missions and ministries such as Disaster Relief throughout the year
  6. Be willing to have additional training for specific training in various fields
  7. Attend Campout & Missions Mania and Leadership Training Camp

Length of Service

State Staffers typically serve between June and August, beginning at the conclusion of Leadership Training Camp the first week of June. There are additional opportunities throughout the year for direct mission involvement and training. 



  1. Be an active follower of Jesus Christ who has a desire to be involved in and lead others to be involved in mission work.
  2. A young man who is 14 or older by September 1st of the year prior to their service as a State Staffer.
  3. Attend the Leadership Training Camp the first week of June unless granted permission to serve and train in a different location.
  4. Living your life in a way that is acceptable to the staff leadership and the people you serve.
  5. Be available for consistent mission service over the summer with the exception of family vacations.
  6. Serve at the Campout & Missions Mania event in October.
  7. Abstain from alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and other controlled substances illegal to this age group.
  8. Approval by the selection committee at Leadership Training Camp.
  9. Completion of release of liability form and if under 18, signed by parent or legal guardian.
  10. Please note that some teams of Staffers are assigned to camps the week immediately following Leadership Training Camp. Be prepared for that possibility.

Application and Selection Process

  1. Complete the online State Staffer Application below by May 1.
  2. A copy of your application will be sent to your pastor or youth pastor asking them to conduct an interview with you and offer their recommendation for you to serve.
  3. Potential State Staffers will be evaluated during the Leadership Training Camp and final selection will be made that week by the State Staff Selection Committee.

Financial Aspects

Each State Staffer fulfills his role as a volunteer for which no salary is provided. This does not prevent a financial gift or stipend from being given to a Staffer. 

The Staffer’s family insurance is the primary insurance at all times. Each camp will have secondary insurance and Staffers are not covered by TBM at events nor are they covered during travel to and from assignments. 

TBM will provide the following:

  1. State Staffer shirts
  2. Travel and camp fees involved in attending Leadership Training Camp
  3. Travel expenses to and from Staffer assignments

  For more information and to receive an application packet to become a Regional State Staffer, contact Alan Huesing at

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