TBM is bringing both, and you can be part of it.
All can PRAY. Some can GO. Some can GIVE. 

God knows that many, many people need clean drinking water. Prayers about this great need show God that you want to join Him in bringing clean water and spiritual water into places where both are needed.

You can pray that God will ...

  • Open doors of service,
  • Show TBM those open doors, and
  • Raise up volunteers & financial givers to walk through those doors.

From the start, Jesus has called people to follow him into places they never before imagined going. TBM gives Jesus followers like you opportunities to go into places of service today.

Water Impact Teams are open to all kinds of people, such as those who ...

  • Have knowledge of drilling and maintaining water wells,
  • Like to roll up their sleeves to do hard, physical work,
  • Can teach health & hygiene classes,
  • Are experienced in children's ministry,
  • Preach & teach, and
  • Have a willingness to serve others in whatever way is needed.

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Financial giving changes lives for generations to come. Drilling wells, installing community water systems and creating family water filters require extensive support. But with your help, communities will be radically altered for years to come.

When you give to TBM Water Impact, you are ...

  • Purchasing and repairing water drilling equipment,
  • Providing water filtration equipment for communities & families,
  • Supporting ministry infrastructure in communities & regions, and
  • Helping volunteers to go and serve.

Give to change a life today