In one bag, your youth can engage in God's mission around the world.

The Duffel Bag Missions Lab is a brand new fully-facilitated, turn-key Escape Room-style experience designed by TBM to teach groups missions, evangelism and teamwork as participants work their way through a bag full of lock boxes and puzzles. 

In one hour, young people learn how God is providing help, hope and healing to hurting people around the globe through ministries such as disaster relief and drilling water wells in remote parts of the globe. As they learn, they understand they can engage in God's work as well.

The Duffel Bag Missions Lab can encompass up to 200 people at time working in small groups. The event can be hosted inside or outside and is perfect for any occassion – small groups, Wednesday youth group meetings, Disciple Now weekends or even a special event aimed at community outreach. 

Help us to know how to connect with what you're teaching your students, and we'll tailor the debriefing time to your needs. Some churches have hosted these events as an evangelistic effort where students can invite other students to church. As a result, students have seen their friends come to know the Lord during a Duffle Bag Missions Lab.

We had the Escape Room in a bag experience as our end of summer event, and it gave our students the opportunity to connect with God and each other with a bright light on our call to live ON MISSION. They had a blast, and we had one girl make the great exchange and give her life to Christ!

-Allen Frans, Central Baptist Church in Round Rock youth and family pastor

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