Follow Jesus’ lead.

Bring spiritual and physical healing to hurting people.

TBM helps put lives back together. We give structure and process to channel volunteer work into productive assistance for people in need. 

We don’t just jump and do what we want to do. We find out the specific needs and then connect volunteers with ways to meet those needs in an organized and helpful manner.

Passion to serve. Structure to be effective. Effort to change lives.

Active Volunteer Opportunities:

Israel Disaster Training Trip – March 2024


TBM Israel training trips help volunteers connect with the culture of the country, gain the knowledge needed to serve there after disasters and offer an opportunity to experience Old Jerusalem, walking the streets Jesus once walked. Here's what a typical trip looks like:

  • Teams of about 10 volunteers will go on 9-day trips
  • You'll stay in a dorm room-style setting with as many as four people to a room
  • This is a work trip where you'll prepare a large number of meals such as hamburgers and falafel. Most days, TBM volunteers work in the hot sun over ovens and skillets. There is extensive walking, standing and moving around. Volunteers must be in good physical condition.
  • The team will tour Old Jerusalem with a world-renowned tour guide. Walk the streets Jesus walked.
  • Total Cost (including travel from Dallas-Fort Worth, housing and meals): $3,500

TBM Israel Disaster Training Trip
March 9-17, 2024
Cost: $3,500

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