Heavy rains flooded portions of Eastern Kentucky and left entire towns underwater. At least 37 people have died, and many people have lost all their belongings. People are hurting deeply.

TBM Disaster Relief is deploying significant resources into the region. Flood recovery, feeding, shower/laundry, chaplain and incident management teams will meet needs and share God's love in Jackson, Ky. as they walk alongside homeowners. TBM volunteers will clean out homes, making them safe and sanitary for people once again. Along the way, Texans will encourage flood survivors, listen to their stories and offer opportunities to pray.

“The scene in Eastern Kentucky is heartbreaking,” TBM Disaster Relief Director David Wells said. “People are in shock. They've lost everything and are struggling with what to do next. TBM volunteers will provide the help they need and replace their hurt with hope.”

After a disaster, prayer and financial support are the most efficient and effective ways to help those impacted. Prayer strengthens and guides TBM volunteers and funds help them provide the help people need after the storm. 

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Since 1967, TBM Disaster Relief has responded to every natural disaster in Texas, most across the United States and many around the world. The ministry recently served for more than a month in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida, providing more than 100,000 meals and completing more than 200 chainsaw and flood recovery jobs.