Each year, disasters like hurricanes, floods and tornadoes turn people's worlds upsidedown. Having lost much of what they cherish in a matter of days or even minutes, individuals are left looking for help and hope. 

In these most difficult days in their lives, you can be an answer to prayer by serving on The Harbor's Disaster Relief team in partnership with TBM. To be part of this life-changing ministry, you must go through two short online trainings at your convenience. Together, they're about 45 minutes and they equip you to successfully minister after disasaters.

Class 1: Disaster Relief Orientation

This is where TBM disasater relief training begins. It includes introduction and overview of the TBM Disaster Relief Ministries, including the mission statement, history and brief overview of additional ministry opportunities within TBM.

This is the required orientation for all TBM Disaster Relief volunteers and is required for renewal of credentials. This course is a pre-requisite for all other specialty training. Credentials received through this training are necessary for entry into disaster areas and are good for five years. The $30 fee covers the cost of the background check and badge.

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Class 2: Flood and Fire Recovery

This class equips credentialed volunteers with how to respond to survivors of floods and wildfires by using appropriate equipment and procedures to clean homes and/or remove debris. It covers work procedures, equipment operation and personal safety issues volunteers may encounter on deployments. There is no cost for this training.

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