Since 1967, TBM has responded to crises across Texas, throughout the United States and around the world. Most of the time, that's after a hurricane, tornado or other natural disaster. But the ministry as also respond to plane crashes, explosions and, most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, God is opening a new door for TBM to serve.

For the last several years, the number of Texas children entering the foster system has outpaced the number of families who will care for the children. As a result, children have had to stay in unlicensed placements such as offices and hotels. This week, more than 100 children a night were housed in such situations. Simply put, the situation is heartbreaking.

How is TBM responding? By helping make it possible for children to live in homes.

The State recently asked TBM for logistical assistance. It is leasing homes and duplexes to house children who come into the foster care system and needs to get furniture into these homes, often in as little as 48 hours.

Responding quickly is what TBM does. Already, volunteers have served in San Antonio and Houston. This week, they are responding in Austin, Killeen and Belton. This appears to be the start of moving furniture into homes periodically across the state as needs arise. Other cities have already been mentioned in discussions, and TBM leaders are making plans.

Be part of the solution. 

As this effort expands across the state, TBM will need volunteers who are willing to load and unload furniture as well as help put it together. Some items are as large as couches. Others are as small as chairs. Construction of the furniture is simple.

In other words, anyone who wants to help can. No experience is necessary.

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