When TBM volunteers serve in the wake of disasters, they serve as ambassadors for Christ in the midst of hurting people. God cares deeply about these individuals and families, and so do TBM volunteers who are expected to represent Christ well.


In order to best serve people and share God’s love, the following policies and procedures must be followed while serving on the field.


Procedures and policies

Dress Code
Expense Reimbursement Guidelines
Form Stack Instructions
Social Media Guidelines
Unit Call Out Procedures
Volunteer Harassment Policy
Yellow Cap Credentials


Assessment Chainsaw
Assessment Fire Recovery
Assessment Flood Recovery
Assessment Property Area
Assessment Priorities
Assessment Temporary Roof
Assessor Notes

Badge Replacement Request
Blue Cap Work Order Tracking Form
Cambro Labels
Expense Form Instructions
Expense Form Reimbursement 
Medical Release Form
Property Owners Request For Assistance
R.A.T. Form
Release & Indemnity Personal Information Form
Shock Wave Form
Safety Briefing Form