Often after disasters, a community's water supply is jeopardized. Boil notices ensue and people are looking for water to drink and use for cooking. Through the TBM water treatment unit, you can provide immediate relief in these situations.

Learn how through this hands-on class beginning that includes setting up the unit, running it and closing down. The class will cover:

  • Unloading trailer
  • Hose and electrical connections
  • Bladder connection with pressure tank
  • Valve positions for start up
  • Raw water testing
  • Chemical testing
  • Starting the system
  • Temporary shut down (when you have enough water for the moment, sleeping, etc.)
  • Shutting down the system to close the unit
  • Packing for transport

All participants must have completed TBM Disaster Relief orientation. You can take that class online by clicking here.

The class is free. Dinner Friday and lunch Saturday is included.

For more information, email water@tbmtx.org.