Arkansas Mt. Bike Trail Camping Trip

Destination: Northwest Arkansas, Devil’s Den State Park

Purpose: Enjoy the sport of Mountain Biking.

               Encourage fathers and men to train and mentor young men.

               Encounter the Lord on the trail and engage trail riders with the gospel.


What to expect…

  • Camping each night, bring your own tent and equipment.
  • Jacket weather at night, cool in the day.  Cooking at camp. Lunch on the trails.
  • Four days of Mountain bike trail riding.
  • State Park trails to enjoy nature.
  • Skills park to hone your trail skills (jumps, table tops, rollers, gaps, etc.)
  • Trail system in the heart of the “Mountain Biking Capital of the World”.
  • Plenty of opportunity for spiritual conversation and “witness” training.
  • Devotional moments for prayer, praise, and preparation.


When we leave…

Travel to Arkansas on Sunday, March 13, 2022.

Return travel on Friday, March 18, 2022.


Who can go…

  • Men (fathers, grandpas, uncles, brothers). Bring your friends who ride!
  • Young men (minimum 15 years old or have completed 8th grade).  Please come with an adult sponsor or family member.

Must have a mountain bike that’s fit for tough trail use and worthy of a week without major repairs.  Excellent brakes are a must! Gears should be in working order and spare tire/tubes and trail tools are highly encouraged.  Need to have a good foundational knowledge and skill for the sport in order to maximize the group’s experience.