These trainings cover three topics and help connect to you TBM teams:

  • How to effectively serve after fires and floods. Fires and floods turn people's lives upside down quickly. You can help set them on the road to recovery.
  • How to rebuild a house to make it secure and sanitary again after a flood. Learn the skills you need to empower people to live in a home again after a disaster.
  • How to cook thousands of meals a day after disasters. When you've lost everything, a hot, nutritious meal means more than something to eat. It means someone cares about you.

There is no cost for this training. Pre-registration online is required.

TBM Disaster Relief Orientation is a prerequisite for this class. Please register for the May 10 orientation class at Fellowship Church in Montgomery or take orientation online by clicking here.

If you have any questions before the event, please call TBM at (214) 275-1100.

Specialty Training Descriptions

Fire / Flood / Rebuild Training

Target audience: TBM DR volunteers interested in participating in the DR Flood & Fire Recovery ministry and rebuilding homes after disasters. This class equips credentialed volunteers how to respond to survivors of floods and wild fires by using appropriate equipment and procedures to clean homes and/or remove debris. It covers work procedures, equipment operation, and personal safety issues volunteers may encounter on deployments. This class also offers Instruction in assisting and leading construction projects using volunteers (generally not DR trained) to assist families and churches rebuild their homes. There is no cost for this training. Pre-registration online is required.

Food Handling Class Training

Target audience: Yellow Cap volunteers who want to work with a TBM DR Feeding Unit.

Basic Food Handler Class provides instruction on safely handling, preparing and serving food per the national food code as well as the TBM methods.  The class also gives an insight on what to expect on deployment from a feeding unit perspective. There is no cost to the volunteer for this training. Registration online is required.