This is where TBM Disasater Relief training begins. It includes introduction and overview of the TBM Disaster Relief Ministries including the mission statement, history and brief overview of additional ministry opportunities within TBM.

This is a required orientation for all Disaster Relief volunteers and is required for renewal of credentials. This course is a pre-requisite for all other specialty training. Credentials received through this training are necessary for entry into disaster areas and are good for five years.

Sign up for the orientation and pick the specialty areas in which you'd like to serve. This will give the training and background check you need to begin delivering help, hope and healing after disasters through TBM.

Orientation or recertification is a two-step process. First, register for classes below. Second, complete a background check by clicking here

If you have any questions before the event, please call Jim McDougal at (254) 541-0785.

Specialty Training Descriptions

Assessor Training

Target audience: TBM DR volunteers who have been on deployment in one of the work order request disciplines.

Class room training for those who have been through DR Orientation training AND served on deployment for Chainsaw, Flood and Fire Recovery, or Temporary Roof. This course provides instruction for surveying, recording and passing along information needed by one of the crews before they go to the work site. This training is free. Pre-registration online is required.

Asset Protection Training

Target audience: TBM DR volunteers interested in providing asset protection during TBM deployments.

Instruction in the safeguarding and prevention of the loss of TBM property during response operations, to prevent the tampering or contamination of all food and equipment, and to provide safety for active volunteers. There is no cost to the volunteer for this training. Pre-registration online is required.

Shower/Laundry Training

Target audience: TBM DR Volunteers interested in the shower/laundry ministry.

This course provides a general overview of the purpose and function of the Shower/Laundry Ministry. It also covers the basic procedures, deployment process, and safety procedures while operating within the shower/laundry ministry including the setup and stand-down of these units. There is no fee for this training. Pre-registration online is required.