Last fall, Colorado was hit by three major wildfires that created major losses. Even now, disaster relief workers continue helping people sift through ash in an effort to recover family heirlooms and other belongings. Still, nearly 100 jobs remain.


Join other TBM volunteers just like you to minister to Coloradans during these sensitive times. Help people recover items; also help them rediscover hope and healing. Visit with them. Pray with them. As you serve, you are a visible reminder of God's love.


June 27-July 3

Grand County, Colorado

Cost: $150

Includes meals, laundry and lodging, but not travel to the location


In order to participate, all trip members must be over 18 years old and have completed TBM Disaster Relief Orientation as well as TBM Disaster Relief Flood and Fire Recovery Training. Both can be completed online in about an hour. Trip participants will be sent a unique link for online training for this trip.


Because of space, this trip is limited to 10 people. For more information, contact Sabrina Pinales at or call (214) 275-1100



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