Target Audience: Volunteers that desire to climb and cut trees

Description: This is the Basic Climbing class with the Rescue module added. The class will be limited to 4 students. This class starts at 6 pm on Wednesday April 22, and concludes on Saturday afternoon, April 25. Cost for the climbing training is $25 and includes a reference manual which you will keep, the rescue course is free. Sleeping arrangements will be sent to students 1 week before the class. Meals provided by TBM and cooked by students and trainers; showers available on site.

If you have already taken the climbing class, you can take just the rescue class.


  • Current TBM DR credentials
  • TBM Basic Chainsaw Training
  • Recommendation from students Chainsaw Blue Cap per the BASIC CLIMBING          
  • RECOMMENDATION form* (form currently available from Wendell Romans)           
  • *Recommendation form MUST be turned in to Wendell Romans 7 days before the class begins.

Contact Person: Wendell Romans
Phone: 281-413-5840