Volunteer chainsaw teams are among TBM's most common ministries. They serve anytime a significant number of trees have been downed by wind, water or tornado. The 2021 Spring Chainsaw Retreat allows volunteers to pick up basic and advanced chainsaw skills in a matter of days, empowering them to serve in almost every situation. 

Registration for the camp is $20, which includes lodging and meals.

Specialty Training Descriptions

Basic Chainsaw Training

Target audience: TBM DR volunteers wanting chainsaw training to work with the DR Chainsaw ministry.

Basic skills on how to safely operate chainsaws while helping survivors after a disaster. Basic tree felling and bucking techniques will also be reviewed/introduced. This is a full-day course with classroom training followed by hands-on training with a chainsaw. Students should come dressed for field operations—long pants, preferably long sleeve work shirt, work shoes or boots (tennis shoes and sneakers not permitted); no shorts or sandals. Chainsaws and safety equipment will be provided. This training is free; however, all attendees are required to purchase a manual at a cost of $12.00. Pre-registration online is required.

Disaster Relief Orientation

Introduction and overview of the TBM Disaster Relief Ministries, including the mission statement, history and brief overview of additional ministry opportunities within TBM.

This is a required orientation for all Disaster Relief Volunteers and is required for renewal of credentials. This course is a pre-requisite for all other specialty training. Credentials received through this training are necessary for entry into disaster areas and are good for five years. There is a $30.00 fee for the required background check that is collected as part of the registration process. Training is also open to youth 16 and 17 years old and are not subject to a background check and are not issued credentials. Pre-registration online is required. When you register there is a two-step process, first the background check, then for class registration.

Heavy Equipment Training

Target Audience: TBM DR volunteers needing certification in Heavy Equipment operation.

This course is an overview of policies and procedures for those wishing to volunteer with a Heavy Equipment Unit. Safety procedures are an important part of this course. After the classroom presentation, there will be a "hands on" section in which the student will be allowed to operate available equipment. Pre-registration online is required.



The TBM Rigging Class teaches safe rigging techniques using ropes, slings and hardware working with ground crews and climbers to skillfully and safely remove limbs, dismantle trees and create mechanical advantage. Students are provided classroom and hands-on instruction, practicing safety for workers, care of equipment and property. Each student must purchase a textbook, which is included in the registration fee.

Roofs and Ladders

This class discusses and practices safety techniques which must be considered when working off the ground, both on ladders or on rooftops. It is particularly helpful for volunteers on chainsaw teams.