When a hurricane, tornado or other disaster strikes, our natural instinct is to reach out and help those who have been affected. Through TBM Disaster Relief, now you can. Volunteer and deliver help, hope and healing.

TBM has responded to every natural disaster in Texas since 1967 and many beyond it, including the Southeast Asia tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Through a diverse array of ministries, TBM has provided the calm after the storm for millions.

Such a monumental task is possible because people like you are willing to serve. Discover how you can change a life by offering practical help and hope in the name of Christ in the wake of disasters.

Together, we:

Assess damage

Distribute boxes and packing supplies

Chainsaw fallen trees

Install temporary roofs

Manage large-scale relief efforts

Minister as chaplains

Mud out damaged homes

Offer free shower and laundry services

Provide child care

Serve warm, nutritious meals

Volunteer Now

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Hope after the hurricane: Hurricane Ida relief

TBM Disaster Relief volunteers deployed for Louisiana as Hurricane Ida ravaging the state with 150-mph winds. More than a month later, TBM... read more

TBM Disaster Relief provides 100,000th meal after Hurricane Ida

Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief provided its 100,000th meal after Hurricane Ida as the organization’s relief effort inches toward one... read more

Symphony of action meets hurricane needs through disaster relief

Hours before the sun will even begin to think about peeking over the horizon, the sound of footsteps on pavement echoes through the air at... read more

TBM sends aid, water filters to Haiti after earthquake

In the aftermath of a 7.2 earthquake that rocked Haiti on Aug. 14, TBM is sending at least 200 family water filters and $10,000 to provide... read more

TBM ash-out crew shines light of Christ through wildfire relief

More than 190,000 acres. Three hundred and sixty-six homes. More than 200 other buildings. All consumed in a matter of weeks by the East... read more

VBS students do chores, set up lemonade stand to help people after disasters

The students at First Baptist Church in Iredell have been as busy as ever in an effort to help people after disasters. ... read more

Lake Charles, La.: Disaster Relief volunteers see joy after storms

LAKE CHARLES, La. – After two hurricanes, an ice storm and now a flood, a soaked ceiling hung precariously in the kitchen. The homeowner... read more

TBM Disaster Relief teams clean out flooded homes in battered Lake Charles

Two hurricanes. An ice storm. Now widespread flooding. All in the last nine months in Lake Charles, La. Residents here are worn and weary... read more

TBM volunteer chainsaw team provides help, hope the day after tornado

In 15 seconds, a tornado blew out Patty Nichols' windows, ripped off pieces of her roof and tossed her possessions around like small toys... read more
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