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TBM Disaster Relief teams activated to respond to Kentucky, St. Louis flooding

TBM has deployed flood recovery, feeding, shower/laundry and chaplain teams to serve in the aftermath of flooding in Eastern Kentucky. An additional TBM flood recovery team is headed to St. Louis after floods there.

Texans On Mission

TBM mobilizes Christ followers to change the world, tackling its biggest challenges by meeting crucial needs after disasters, providing clean drinking water for people around the globe and equipping the next generation to make a difference for years to come.


Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Deliver help, hope and healing for millions since 1967.

Water Ministry

Water Ministry

Share clean drinking water and the “living water” of Christ around the globe.



Build camps, churches, cabinets and more for God’s glory.



Raise a new generation to change the world.

Royal Ambassadors


Follow Christ, live out their faith and change the lives of others.

Serve After Disasters

Whether it's serving meals, cutting down limbs or cleaning out a home, helping after a disaster starts here.

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